Our Manifesto

We’re working with you to create brand experiences that are so much more important than price.

We will not be part of me-too brand stories —nor should you. We want to uncover what’s unique about your brand and learn your special story…then create the messages that tell your story to the world.  

Our independent specialists produce the Swiss Army Knife of solutions to take your message to the streets, creating greater opportunities for your customers and community to engage and connect. We want to create more than brand preference…we aim for brand relevance and raving fans.

Behind any great message is even better thinking. Customer insights, asking the right questions, connecting the dots — we want to help you do more than just listen to your customers, we want to help you embrace your customers as true partners to achieve commercial and brand success.

We trust in neuroscience to inform us using our Science of Messaging℠ approach. We want to help you be more than just different from your competitors…we want to help make you more relevant to your buyers. Let’s join together and build some brand love.

What Clients Say

Our Work

Penn Restaurant Group

With three decades as the creative and operational force behind distinctive restaurant concepts, a seasoned operator with his own method for producing heartfelt team service, and the partner to celebrity chefs, Amp’d Lab℠ helps this industry guru launch a namesake consulting practice.

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Mars Air

An industry titan with a legacy for producing an American workhorse of a product for foodservice, HVAC/mechanical and specialty industries turns to Amp’d Lab℠ to bring their message to the marketplace and reach their varied audiences through multiple channels.

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Friedmann & Friedmann

A family owned and run commercial insurance provider in Orange County, California for over a quarter decade rediscovers its brand promise and reasserts its core beliefs of customer service and protecting the success of their clients.

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Hearthy Foods

Repositioning a gluten-free food products maker for explosive growth and new product launches.

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New brand identity for an emerging snack food products company that creates magical finger food experiences.

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Vision 2 Execution

Repositioning for international strategy execution consultancy and thought leader.

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Smarter Listing

Rebranding for disruptive real estate selling model that will change the way homes are sold — transparency, competition, the best agents with proven performance.

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Jason Hanck Wellbeing

Brand values and core messaging development for an integrative wellness leader with a distinctive energy-rooted wellness method.

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Market positioning for an automated, text-based customer service program.

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Amp’d Lab

Orange County, California based Amp’d Lab (formerly The Hanani Group) works with brands and thought leaders to help them rediscover what makes them special so they can position their brand, create messages to clarify their brand promise and then take action to capture the market share that is waiting to be theirs.

We discover the brand’s why, create the how you share your unique message and deliver on the where and when your message is shared. Come join us and find the magic in your brand that can create true customer loyalty.

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