Vanilla or Something More

Vanilla or Something More

An Alternative or “the” Choice?
Your company can be the one buyers actively choose

Creating a company that truly stands out feels risky. Taking a strong stand can feel like you put a target on your back. Someone is bound to say, “I don’t like that”. Think the Virgin Group of Companies. Red Bull. GoDaddy. Think of them and know the meaning of reaction.

If you’re a company, you’ve got a brand to manage. You can be a brand that was thoughtfully developed or one created by ad hoc existence but a brand nonetheless. You can go safe — creamy vanilla…or you can go Ben & Jerry’s flavor, Everything but the… which they describe as a collision of chocolate & vanilla ice creams mixed with peanut butter cups, HEATH® bar chunks, white chocolatey chunks, & fudge-covered almonds. Not for the demure at heart.

Which one gets noticed? Which one has passionate devoted followers? Which one has you in the car driving to a second store when the first one has a bare freezer shelf above that sticker?

While you — the company’s leader — might not have the personality of Donald Trump, and you might think the Everything but the… flavor is a bit over the top, you definitely want your company and what you offer to get noticed, create feeling and be remembered. When you have this, you have loyalty, you have referrals, you have market share that doesn’t tip on a sale here, lower cost provider there. Buyers that stick with you. Buyers that look for you. Buyers that won’t settle for others.

Without distinction buyers will leave you based on price. Buyers will leave you to try something new. Buyers think they are choosing from among equally positioned products and services — mostly because they can’t tell enough of a difference.

When you have amplified your company’s unique value, you are strong and distinct. Buyers seek you out for being you. Your messages are strong and decisive. There are always a few who may not like you… but if you aren’t strong enough to cause some dislike, no one loves you like mad either.

You choose.